BoxToBench Precision Targets

Here you can purchase partner products direct from and reap a savings over the normal retail or web price while supporting BallisticXLR and the Long Range Precision Rifle Community.

Non-USA buyers only. For USA purchases go direct to the vendor website

BoxToBench Precision Targets(Target Instructions) These amazing targets are waterproof and tear resistant. You can put them and take them down repeatedly without destroying them.

These brilliant targets allow you to buy a rifle and a scope and get right down to the business of building yourself a match grade package. With areas and easy instructions to develop a load, refine that load and then characterize how your rifle shoots and how your optic tracks and adjusts, you’re really equipping yourself to jump ahead of the line and start getting braggable results at your local match. Do you have a hunt coming up and a new rifle to figure out? This does that too. There are so many things it just makes easier.

Check out my article at

International Orders, 10-Pack minimum due to shipping costs.
10-Pack: $50.00US + $22.50US S+H

Buy It Now

For larger or smaller orders please email for a custom price quote.


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