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Got a pic or video of you out in the field using Ballistic_XLR? Wanna show off your ELR rig? Wanna show off that buck you harvested from 600 yards? Email them to and we’ll post em’.

Coral Snake & Hot Dog
.243 Ackley Improved Load Development Target
BallisticPRS Quick DOPE Cards
Meccastreisand dishing the DOPE to RX17 Live Fire 001 Students
The author’s test unit.
RX17 Live Fire 002 Student Wringing Out a BipodEXT
My October 2017 Long Range Precision Rifle Match Score Card
Every Day Pocket Carry Dump For Residents of Slave States
CitizenZ Hanging With Meccastreisand And A Tommy Gun!

Maginot Line, Mjolnir, Gabriel, Rolling Stone, AR-15

AR-15 6x45mm. Great fun.
AR-15 6x45mm. Great fun.

Panorama of 2015 CA State Hipower Match
Panorama of 2015 CA State Hipower Match

Kowa Spotting Scopes Rule The Roost
Kowa Spotting Scopes Rule The Roost

A view down the line at State Champs.
A view down the line at State Champs.

On the rifle line at the 2015 Champs.
On the rifle line at the 2015 Champs.

Pronghorn Antelope in the Carrizo Plain.
Pronghorn Antelope in the Carrizo Plain. The picture is really terrible but you can click on it and see how close I was. Making an actual identification of the critter on the other side of the fence is not entirely likely though. I was about 70m away but was on a road and couldn’t exactly just stop.

Erek knob in MeccaStreisand's meat hook
Erek knob in MeccaStreisand’s meat hook. This is my ugly hand grasping the Erek knob on top of my US Optics ST-10 TPAL. The scope is just amazing and it’s a bloody shame you have to spend 1500 bucks on glass to find usefully clear glass and reliable adjustments. This scope is unbelievable and heavy and worth every penny.

Pulling the meat from a mighty tasty wild hog.
Pulling the meat from a mighty tasty wild hog. The long haired chap is meccastreisand. The other two guys are some amazing people that I really loved hunting with. The hog was 150lbs standing and made for the best bacon-steaks in the world. If you’ve never had bacon in the form of a steak you’re missing out. You have to use wild hog to do it though or it’ll be a fatty mess. Wild hog don’t have much fat, just enough to provide that succulent flavor.

Mmmm. Onions and bratwurst over a campfire.
Mmmm. Onions and bratwurst over a campfire. Dinner from my last deer hunting trip with The Disco Tripper. This was the main course of our first night’s dinner and boy was it good. We each had a box of Velveeta Shells & Cheese and a can of corn too. After that was desert in the form of some McDonalds apple pies we’d saved from the trip up. The kind of hungry you get when hunting is second in intensity only to the satisfaction of scarfing down 2500 calories for dinner.

200,300,385,500m Silhouette range.
200,300,385,500m Silhouette range. This has to be one of my favorite places to go. There’s rarely more than a few people there and the range is kept super clean. 200-500m targets on one side, 600-900 on another, 50-100m sighter pit, 50m short range, pistol pits, trap range, rimfire silhouette range, the works. If you can’t figure out a way to have fun there, then you didn’t show up.

Here’s my AR500 silhouette target. 12x20inch with the bottom 4 inches buried in the dirt. The Disco Tripper (my spotter) and I went out to do some chronograph work and general training for TDT. It started as a squirrel hunting expedition but our hearts just weren’t in it and the trip was kinda broken already (no camp site among other problems) so we went target shooting instead.

TDT was on the money. Every shot he took was a winner. He needs a lot more training before we can switch positions and I take over as spotter but he’s coming right along. We set the target up at 550m oriented so we’d have a tail wind all day long. The sun was on our left all day and behind some close hills for most of it which made the day more comfortable, as laying in the dirt getting eaten by ants goes.

Here’s the view of the FFP zoomed in a little so you can see more clearly. The arrow is pointing to the car which is helping to shade the firing line. This pic was taken at the target position.

Here’s an unaltered version of that pic from the target position. No arrow but I think this conveys the sense of distance fairly well.

Here’s the target after we fired the first group. The two hits in the lower right of the pic are the sighters (scope was not zeroed, loads were new). I adjusted .5 mils up and left and took 2 more shots to verify the DOPE setting. Those are the 2 shots in the physical center of the target.

Satisfied I handed the rifle to TDT and he put the next 3 shots in a 2 inch group. That’s a 2″ group at 550m. Pretty good.


We kept shooting for a bit and TDT put a 6″ circle of fire in the CNS and then dropped a round into the center of that circle. I think he was making fun of me.

After that we played horse for a bit but he won that too. It just wasn’t my day with that rifle. We picked up the Glock 21 and a couple 22’s and did some plinking during which I redeemed myself.

Remember folks, even the best shots have off days. If you’re having an off day let someone else shoot or just go home. Don’t waste ammo or let yourself get down in the mouth about having a suck day behind the trigger.

Bushnell ET1040 view through the scope. Rams above the #4 are 500m. Birds below the #4 are 400m.

Meccastreisand behind Project Maginot Line during my last big ammo burn. Targets are at 200, 300, 400, 500m.

2015 California State High Power Silhouette Championships

Yours truly (left) and my Silhouette coach on the 200m chicken line.

Panorama of the benches.

1/2″ 3-shot group from Project Gabriel. 165gn SST’s at 2550fps.


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