Postman Precision Rifle Chassis


Howa 1500 Short Action

These amazing rifle chassis’ bring a ton of features to the party for not a lot of money. They’re made one-at-a-time in South Africa by our master machinist from 6082 T6 aluminum. Each chassis is precision inletted to perfectly fit your action. The head-down cant indicator is positioned so that you don’t have to break your cheekweld to check your rifle’s cant. Our unique Postman Precision adjustable pistol grip allows you to fine tune your grip-to-trigger distance for that perfect natural reach to the trigger. The fore end is wide and flat, perfect for benchrest or bipod use. Add your bottom metal and your rifle action and you’re competition ready. Lead time is 6 weeks from time of order.

Only $850  (plus Packing & Sales Tax)

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  1. Adjustable length of pull.
  2. Adjustable butt pad height.
  3. Tool-less adjustable cheek rest.
  4. Adjustable pistol grip to trigger distance.
  5. Integrated Heads-Down bubble level.
  6. Fore-end drilled for Picatinny rail/bipod stud installation.
  7. Ultra strong CNC machined aluminum alloy.
  8. Dehorned edges.
  9. Your choice of color, as long as it’s black.
  10. Wide flat fore end perfect for bipod or bench rest use.