You can hit 1000 yards and further! ANYONE can do it. You need data tables to make it easy. To get your custom tables: Acquire a few items, gather a little data and then upload that data to us. We’ll create a ballistics chart for you.  You review the instructional materials in our videos section and then go out and shoot. It’s that easy.

Here’s what you need:

2. A rifle
3. A riflescope
4. Ammunition
5. Tape measure
6. Chronograph (most ranges have some to rent & assistance setting up).

Take your rifle, scope, tape measure and ammunition to your local shooting range. Shoot 5 rounds over the chronograph and save the velocity data. Then dial in a solid zero. Fill out the form you downloaded at step 1 and email it to ballisticxlr@gmail.com.

Go to the menu and select “BallisticXLR Printed Tables”, decide on a format and order directly from there. Be sure to include a viable email address, shipping address and phone number with your order. A Ballistics Expert will then contact you and ask a few questions to make sure we get it just right for you. We then create your custom data table and ship it to you.