Sniper School

No we’re not the first to do this. We’re just the best. We’re going to tell you straight, we’re going to tell you directly without repetition & we’re using the word “Sniper” on purpose so a lot of people are going to be mad about it. Too bad for them, it’s called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so I don’t really care if it’s a job title. People start by looking for the word “sniper” and then they learn. So why can’t we help those people learn.

We’re going tell you the things others straight up say they will not because they don’t trust you with the information. You want to learn how to shoot through a loophole? I got you covered like a jimmy hat. You want to have someone help you pick a gunpowder? I’ll do that too. Don’t know how to get prone properly? I’m on it bro! You need help, I have tons of help in inventory.

C’mon! Let’s go to School!

Semester 1: Your Rifle & The Prone Position

Sniper 102Where 101 Left Off

Sniper 102bExpectations, Expertise, Expense

Sniper 102C2Rifle Barrel Installation & Head Spacing

Sniper102C3 Basic Tools & Gear for Long Range Precision

Sniper 103 – Optics Setup: Coming Soon

Sniper 104aAdjustable Stock Setup

Sniper 105 – Bipod Setup: Coming Soon

Sniper 106Prone Position Setup

Sniper 107 – Your Hands: Coming Soon

Sniper 108 – Your Feet: Coming Soon

Sniper 109 – Your Chest: Coming Soon

Sniper 110 – Bones, Joints, Muscles & Stability: Coming Soon

Sniper 111DOPE/Data/Drops/Dude Where’s My Bullet

Sniper 111aWho’s Gunna Line Up Your DOPE For You?

Semester 2: Your Ammo

Sniper 201What Setup To Reload With

Sniper 202Case Prep For Lazy Asses

Sniper 203Choosing A Powder Part 1

Sniper 204Choosing A Primer Part 1

Sniper 204aChoosing A Primer: Notes From Coach

Sniper 205Choosing A Die Vendor

Sniper 206Choosing A Press

Sniper 207Choosing A Scale

Sniper 208Chonograph Selection

Sniper 209 – Racing Paper For Fun & Profit: Coming Soon

Sniper 210Load Development Made Stupid Easy

Semester 3: Field Gear Selection & Use

Sniper 301 – Rangefinder Selection & Use: Coming Soon

Sniper 302 – Weather Meter Selection & Use: Coming Soon

Sniper 303 – Making & Using DOPE: Coming Soon

Sniper 304 – Optics & Reticle Selection & Use: Coming Soon

Sniper 305 – What Brake or Suppressor To Use: Coming Soon

Sniper 306 – What Stock To Use: Coming Soon

Sniper 307 – Barrels: Coming Soon

Sniper 308Cleaning. I Hate Cleaning

Sniper 309 – What About Carriage: Coming Soon

Sniper 310 – Tales Of A Tactical Barbie: Coming Soon

Semester 4: Taking the Shot

Sniper 401 – Prone Out: Coming Soon

Sniper 402 – ID Your Target: Coming Soon

Sniper 403 – Range Me: Coming Soon

Sniper 404 – Sweating The Small Stuff: Coming Soon

Sniper 405 – Dial This & Hold That: Coming Soon

Sniper 406 – Take The Shot: Coming Soon

Sniper 407 – Calling The Shot: Coming Soon

Sniper 408 – Observe The Shot: Coming Soon

Sniper 409 – Battle Damage Assessment: Coming Soon

Sniper 410 – Soup To Nuts: The Taking of a Long Range Shot: Coming Soon