System Requirements:

Windows or Macintosh computer with genuine Microsoft Excel 97 or newer. 512MB memory or more. 100MHz processor or faster. Basically you need to use Microsoft Excel and a computer that can run it.

Ballistic_XLR support is generally free.

I will always try to provide the help you need for free. If it is something I know is going to take a huge amount of time then I’ll let you know in advance if there will be a charge associated with the service and we can come to an agreement about pricing if there is to be any charge at all. All charges are flat rate and quoted per job.

To get help email

FREE Support

Free Support includes but is not limited to:

Application errors/bugs
Basic ballistics troubleshooting
Basic inputs setup
MVV Setup
Projectile database updates
Scope Calibration
Reticle subtend additions
Troubleshooting calculated vs. actual differences
Some LIMITED and minor modifications (up to 1 hour to execute)
Scope calibration/equivalencies
Conditional Formatting

Paid Support:

All projects are flat rate and quoted per job. Minimum charge is $50.

What is covered under paid support (includes but is not limited to):
Advanced custom modifications of Ballistic_XLR (>1 hour to execute)
Copies of Ballistic_XLR that have had modifications to the Pocket PC inputs page or any Ballistics Table pages.
User designed feature integration.
Handloading recipes and techniques
Deprecated versions


If you make substantial modifications to how Ballistic_XLR works I can’t support it officially. I’ll try but you get pushed to the back of the line if others need help at the same time. In all reality I’m liable to go the extra mile for you regardless. Just try to make it as easy on me as you can.


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