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Classroom & Live Fire Training Courses

Unlike other trainers, I’m not going to herd you into a huge class or require you to fit into my dates. You specify the when, we’ll figure out the where and then all you have to do is pull the trigger. To order a training course, email with your needs and we’ll get you set up. Payment via certified funds, cash or credit card is accepted. Pricing is below.

Ballistics Expert 2-day: $900
This is a 2-day class focusing on ballistics calculation models, units of measure, conversions and how multiple curves are integrated to bring about a point firing solution. We’ll cover topics from computer science, physics, chemistry, etc… and there will most certainly be math involved. Do you want to create your own ballistics software? Do you need to understand everything about your hobbies? Are you just intellectually curious? Whatever your reason you’ll get your fix. Class size is capped at 10 attendees to maximize 1:1 time.
Requirements: You must be able to do 4-function mathematics and bring a laptop or tablet.

Rifleman 101 1-day: $250
This 1-day class serves to introduce the budding rifle shooter to the sport under live fire conditions. We’ll cover safety, ammunition selection, optics selection, rifle setup, rifle action types and firing from 2 of the most common target and field shooting positions. I break down rifle shooting to simple nuts and bolts that anyone can digest quickly. You don’t even need to own a rifle to take this class. A rifle and ammunition can be supplied (gun rental & ammunition costs apply) for your use. You’ll learn sitting unsupported, standing supported and prone supported positions. By the end of the day, given appropriate equipment, you’ll be able to safely and successfully engage 3-4MOA targets up to 300 yards away or farther. This is a perfect class for new (or old) hunters and anyone looking for a solid introduction to rifle-craft. Class size is strictly limited to 10.
Requirements: Must be eligible to possess a firearm legally.

Rifleman 102 Intermediate Range 0-500m Prone 1-day: $250
This 2-day class focuses on increased precision and longer range target engagement with 2-3MOA targets from 0m to 500m (0-550 yards) from the prone position (other positions covered as time allows). At the end of the class you will be able to input ballistics data into your favorite calculator, plot ballistic firing solutions and reliably and rapidly engage targets with precision fire from intermediate distances. Class size limited to 10.
Requirements: Bolt-Action or Semi-Auto rifle capable of 1MOA or better groups with minimum 600yrd supersonic range at 1000′ elevation, bipod and/or rest bags. You must come to the class with at least Rifleman 101 level skills. .223rem ok.

Rifleman 201 Long Range 0-1000m Prone 1-day: $250
This 1-day class focuses on longer range target engagement with 3-4MOA targets from 0m to 1000m from the prone position with little or no time pressure. At the end of the class you will be able to plot ballistic firing solutions successfully and reliably engage targets with precision fire from conversational distance to a kilometer away. Perfect for rifle shooters with plenty of experience at intermediate range wanting to increase their effectiveness at longer range. Class limited to 5 attendees.
Requirements: Rifleman 102 graduation or equivalent prior training required. Bolt-Action or Semi-Auto rifle capable of 1MOA or better groups with 900yrd minimum supersonic range at 1000′ elevation. .223 ok with 70gn or heavier bullets as long as they can reach 900yrds above 1200fps.

Rifleman 202 0-1000m Prone + Intensity 2-day: $550
This 2-day class which builds on Rifleman 201 by increasing the speed and adding pressure and team dynamics elements. Your rifle and you will become close friends and a deadly team. We will cover teamwork, communications, strategies and tactics, ambush and hide setup, equipment options and we’ll do that under an umbrella of high speed application of command team fire. You’ll learn psychological and physiological tricks to get your heart rate and breathing under control, body positioning, rifle manipulation and positioning and so much more. Short of military or paramilitary sniper training, this is the most aggressive practical rifle class a civilian can get into. This is no place for whiners and you better be wearing boots because you’re going to need them. There is a physical conditioning requirement for this class. You must be capable of safely scaling 5 flights of stairs in 10 minutes as well as running/jogging 100 yards, bending at the knees and waist, squatting, kneeling and walking as much as 2 miles. It’s an ass kicker of a class and makes for some ass kicker graduates. This is a great class to bring your battle buddy to to harden your team. Class size limited to 5.
Requirements: Rifleman 201 graduation is mandatory or equivalent prior training. Bolt-Action or Semi-Auto (semi-auto discouraged) rifle capable of 1MOA or better groups with 900yrd minimum supersonic range at 1000′ elevation. .223 ok with 70gn or heavier bullets as long as they can reach 900yrds above 1200fps.
Reqd Secondary Gear: Sling backpack, camelback or canteen, heat stable food, electrolytes, sun protection, ghillie suit or desert camo netting, FRS radio, fixed blade knife w/ sheath, 50ft 550 paracord, matches or lighter. Bug spray highly recommended.

Individualized 1-on-1 Training 1-day: $1000
I provide customized and personalized training for rifle, pistol, shotgun, archery marksmanship from general use to specific hunting use cases, competition & recreational precision rifle and competition preparation. I can come to you or you can come to me. I offer training for prone, standing, kneeling and sitting positions for rifle and many pistol and shotgun styles. We’ll cover stance/position building, weapon setup, recoil mitigation, sight picture, wind reading, ballistics, trigger control, follow through and ammunition selection. If you want to get tuned up for an adventure into a particular hunting or competitive sport I can get you there. The base rate is for a 1 day course at my range in central California regardless of discipline which includes custom curriculum development.

Custom Group Courses:
Custom courses can be developed for your needs. The cost is entirely dependent on how many students, where the training is to take place, topics to be covered and other logistical factors. I will supply additional instructors as necessary to maintain a maximum of a 3:1 student to instructor ratio. The base rate is $1500 per person for a 2 day course at my range in central California regardless of discipline. Travel costs, lodging and meals are to be paid by the customer for any training that requires the instructors to travel. Custom curriculum development is included. International customers are encouraged. We’ll come to you.

Consulting Services:
Do you need help tweaking Ballistic_XLR or Ballistic_PRS for a specific mission or sport or debugging your ballistics calculator? Need other consultation related to firearms, internal/external/terminal ballistics, handloading, hunting, defensive or competition shooting? Drop me an email to Advanced consultation services, custom features, etc… will be quoted out on an individual flat-rate basis. Minimum charge is $50 and the sky is the limit. We will agree on a price before work begins.