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TiborasaurusRex’s video about BallisticXLR. He recently took this video down for some reason. I archived a copy and as it’s an advertisement for me and my software and services and the fact that I never asked for this video to be made and it gives out my personal contact information and which causes me no end of work. Therefore, I claim fair use rights to post it for purposes of commentary.

Here’s Nico Detour & Meccastreisand running a command fire line. Notice I had to rescue a shooter that had gotten his head lined up with a muzzle brake. That’s the kind of thing that’ll ruin your day.

Aaron M. shows us all up.

Shinobi Reviews RX17 Live Fire 001

Competition Shooting Videos:

January 2018 Avenal, CA Long Range Precision Rifle Match

Stage 5 one shot Feb Match.

Stage 3 Feb Match

Stage 7 Feb Match

Stage 4 Feb Match


Trick Shooting Videos:


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